All skirted and semi-skirted plates are available with linear barcodes for identification and traceability of your samples. The labels are highly scratch-resistant and withstand cold storage (-80°C), temperatures of up to 100°C, and solvents such as DMSO.

Single, double, triple or quadruple barcodes are available off-the-shelf, and a variety of customizations are possible.

Standard Barcoded Plates
Position of Standard Barcode Labels
Position of standard barcode labels

4titude standard barcoded plates are available off-the-shelf, and all of our fully-skirted or semi-skirted plates can be barcoded.

The barcodes are printed in Code 128 format, which is compatible with most barcode readers. In addition, human readable format is printed to the right of the label, ensuring samples can always be identified.

The single barcode is positioned opposite the numbers (south side of the the plate), the double barcode is additionally positioned opposite the letters (east side), and the triple barcode is additionally positioned on the north side of the plate.

To order either version, please add the following codes to the ordering code of the respective plate: /SBC (for single barcode), /DBC (for double barcode), /TBC (for triple barcode), and /QBC (for quadruple barcode).

Custom Barcoded Plates
Label Specifications
Label specifications


Should you require other barcode options not covered by our standard barcoding service, e.g. specified barcodes or label positions, our custom service can apply them in your preferred configuration or format, with a starting sequence of your specification. 4titude can apply a variety of barcode formats to any side of the plate.

Custom barcode orders or price requests should be submitted together with a completed Custom Linear Barcode Request Form.

2D Coding

In addition to standard and custom linear barcoding, 4titude also offers 2D coding. 2D coding is the use of a data matrix with a defined number of fields to encode alphanumerical information. The code uses data redundancy so even when codes are partly destroyed, the information will be retained.

For Break-A-Way™ plates and FrameStrips®, we offer off-the-shelf 2D codes.