We help the nation's top academic research institutions extract the full potential of biological samples in their custody.

These world-class biorepositories attract top scientists and accelerate biomedical discoveries.


Everything you need for your samples.

People, processes, and technology. All working together to help your institution improve the way you manage samples. Ask about our full portfolio of onsite and offsite sample management products and services.

  • Centralize access to data and samples. Products like FreezerPro and BiobankPro give internal and external investigators an easy way to identify and share samples. And stay compliant with specific governance.
  • Organize, rationalize, index, consolidate and store vast collections of diverse biological samples. Our global biobanks create more space for revenue-generating research. They also reduce the expense of storing and protecting unknown, useless, or redundant biospecimens.
  • Maximize use of research data. Link to existing biologic samples.
  • Increase lab efficiency. Our best-in-class, automation-friendly consumables and instruments do this for you.
  • Support small- and large-scale lab relocations. A vast network of global logistics capabilities can support sample movement across campus or across the country.
  • Recover the cost of storing and managing a vast collection of biological samples. Make them accessible to a wide range of collaborative researchers.
  • Protect the integrity of all types of biospecimens. Automated sample storage and retrieval systems come standard with redundant power and advanced monitoring technology.

If your academic institution is committed to growing research through rapid research and discovery, call on Azenta Life Sciences to prepare your biobank for collaboration.