Discovering and delivering a COVID-19 vaccine as quickly as possible has become a global imperative. First, though, we must reduce clinical trial timelines. 

Azenta Life Sciences is here to help with our global operations optimized to coordinate the sample collections associated with your trial. Reach out to us here to learn how we can provide sample solutions that accelerate research during this critical time.

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Sample Management

Nurturing biological samples in clinical trials is essential to a vaccine candidates’ success. Sample management is a key component of this. When samples are annotated correctly, sample data is visible, and sample retrieval happens in 24-48 hours – the clinical trials timeline is shortened. Which means vaccines go to market faster.

  • Sample Collection – Our sample collection kits are assembled and packaged to meet the exacting needs of clinical trials.  

  • Sample Storage – We manage the sample from the moment we receive it using processes that protect the identity, integrity, and chain-of-condition until a retrieval is requested.

  • Study Management – Count on Azenta Life Sciences to handle all the details of your work.

    • Informed consent management services
    • Kit design and coordination
    • Proactive tracking and query resolution
Sample Processing

Sample analysis is central to vaccine development. The Azenta Life Sciences sample processing portfolio ensures that whatever you need for your samples – you get it. 

  • PBMC Isolations – Processed the day of receipt and sent in 24-48 hours  

  • Sample Preparation – Automated sample aliquoting and blood fractionation

  • Extractions – DNA, RNA, and cfDNA extraction capabilities

Genomic Analysis

GENEWIZ offers genomic services specifically targeted to vaccine development. 

Synthetic DNA Solutions

GENEWIZ offers Gene Synthesis services to accelerate vaccine development. 

•    Gene Synthesis – Synthesize any size and complexity of gene sequences for antigens or antibodies with rapid turnaround time

•    Synthetic DNA Libraries – High-throughput gene synthesis for the development of DNA vaccine libraries for pathogen genes

•    Synthetic Oligos – Primers and probes for the rapid identification of the virus