Trained and certified experts in North America, Germany, Singapore, and China expand the reach of our biobanks. These same experts can also work with you to establish your own biobank.

And informatics solutions mean no matter where samples are stored  you can see all relevant data to get a clear picture of farms in the future.

  • Offsite Sample Management: Each of our biorepositories is equipped to maximize usability of agricultural research samples and transport them at a moment’s notice.
  • Onsite Sample Management: We create and deploy industry renowned technology for onsite sample management  from freezers to collection kits for preclinical trials.
  • Sample Prep and Lab Analytics: We offer basic sample preparation services like aliquoting and break down the sample into precise matrix components such as plasma, serum, PMBC, DNA, and RNA.
  • Sample Information Technology Solutions: Informatics solutions work as a suite to provide real-time tracking of sample data, location, and condition.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Biorepositories are prepared to keep samples preserved no matter what – and work with partners to help them plan for the same.
  • Quality Management: 150+ standard operating procedures ensure our staff and service are the best in the industry.